Ducker Heresy

The source of the infestation

Team Gamma moved its investigation to the small farm outside of Hive Sibellius. There they interrogated the farm owners and found that a small irrigation station that pumped water up from an aquifer deep beneath the surface was registering a contamination in its filters. Managing to locate maps showing where the river that fed the aquifer met the surface, Team Gamma headed into the hillside to the north of the farm and to an old cave system that was once a mine.

On their journey up the steeply winding track, Trooper Quint incapacitated the vehicle to stop it being used by the enemies of the Empire and allowed the team to proceed on foot. They found the cave was being guarded by several mutants and an almighty fire fight took place. Laz fire and solid slugs filled the rocky chambers as a half dozen horrific mutants returned fire on the heroic acolytes. Even one hulking mutant, obviously the creation of some bizarre twist of fate, could not stand against the sheer firepower of the team.

Once the mutants were all put down it was found that several drums of a powerful mutagen were present in the cave. Some of this mutagen had been dumped into the water supply and it was this that had caused all the problems for those suffering in the Grind.

However, why the mutants were doing this and where they got the mutagen from was still unclear.

Finding the cause
First investigation continues

Investigations continued in the Grind. One figure came forward as the connection between all of the parties that died. Tarn Gulten; a cleaning services engineer but also a “trader” in goods on the illegal side seemed to know all of the victims involved.

A raid on his workplace lead to investigation of his apartment uncovered that some of the fresh fruit seemed to be infected with something distinctly unpleasant. One of the apples showed it had some kind of lifeform inside it. Tarn was captured shortly afterwards and confessed to illegally importing foodstuffs (amongst other activities) from a farm just outside the Hive.

Team Gamma moved onto investigate the farm, and found the inhabitants unknowing of any kind of contamination of their food supplies. What is happening is still unclear…

Into the Grind

Inquisitor Daris’ team Gamma has been formed on the Hive world of Scintilla. Based in Hive Sibellius the team has been assigned to the local Adeptus Arbities to investigate several strange deaths linked by bizarre parasites found in the victims’ stomach.

Making their way into sector AX-10-G7, known locally as the Grind, team Gamma have made serious inroads in investigating where these parasites might have come from and why they have started appearing.

In the beginning
The story so far

You have been chosen by Inquisitor Daris from across Hive Sibellius to serve the God Emperor. the Inquisition’s main headquarters is based in Sibellius and it is there that you are now stationed awaiting the call of the Inquisitor and going about your daily business until the call of The Emperor arrives.


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